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Temecula Wine Country Tours

Temecula Winery Tours by Executive VIP Wine Tours & Limousine Service are the perfect solution for a great
wine tasting experience in California’s Temecula Valley Country! Enjoy the company of a knowledgeable local wine guide at the wheel, sit back and relax,
and take advantage of the most elegant and safest method to enjoy our outstanding Temecula winery tours.
Choose from our many packages or design your own “Incredible Day” with our “Create Your Own” options.
Our staff is knowledgeable to assist our clients/customers in designing the day to their perfection.
Let Executive VIP Wine Tours & Limousine Service help you in making your wine tasting tour all that it is meant to be.

Going Gourmet! $108. PP Plus gratuity

These packages are for groups of (6-8) (9-12) or (13-15) Passengers
Sip award-winning wines at quaint tasting rooms followed by a delicious Hand Crafted gourmet lunch.
Enjoy spectacular Vineyard sights along the way.
Sample an abundant variety of wines available for your purchase. Relax, enjoy great company and sip bubbly Champagne, delicious Whites, Bold Reds, and dessert wines.
Our private winery tours are a fantastic way to get a little group of 6 to 15 individuals together, and provide a much more intimate experience in the wineries.

Going Gourmet is our most popular - most requested tour!

Your "Going Gourmet Wine Tour" includes:
$108 per person (Five Hours)

Luxury Limo Tour $118. PP Plus gratuity

This package is for 6-8 people.
Executive VIP Wine Tours offers the ultimate daily wine tour in the Temecula Valley.
Make new friends as you tour and taste at 4 wineries, sip champagne, and enjoy a delicious Hand Crafted gourmet lunch at a scenic winery location.
Discover the best kept secrets of Temecula Valley in the comfort of a luxury limousine!

Your "Luxury Limo Wine Tour" Includes:

•Luxury Limousine
•Friendly, helpful Wine Guide
•Complimentary Bottle of Champagne
•Bottled Water
•Hand Crafted Gourmet Lunch
•Four Wineries Tastings at each
•Pick up at any Temecula location at your requested time
•Drop off at your location at the conclusion of your wine tasting tour

$118 per person (Five Hours)

Pay as You Go $58. PP plus gratuity

This package is for groups of (6-8) (9-12) or (13-15) Passengers
Immerse yourself in wine country for an enjoyable and relaxing experience
Our private winery tours are fantastic to get a little group of 6 to fifteen individuals and provide a much more intimate experience at the wineries.
A day of ‘pay as you go tasting’ at numerous well-known and respectable wineries is provided.

Your "Pay As You Go Wine Tour" Includes:

•Executive Vans with individual Captain Chairs (most vehicles)
•Friendly, helpful Wine Guide
•Bottled Water
•Wineries of your choice ‘pay as you go tasting’ fees
•Pick up at any Temecula location at your requested time
•Drop off at your location at the conclusion of your wine tasting tour

$58 per person (Five Hours)

Connoisseur Select Wine Tours $235. PP plus gratuity

This Wine Tour selection is for groups of (2-4) (6-8) (9-12) or (13-15) Passengers
Created for the sophisticated wine tasting connoisseur, this tour includes Premier, top rated, award winning wines. This unforgettable tasting experience features 'one on one' tastings with Vintners, sit down wine tasting at one of the most distinctive wineries in Temecula, and an impressive Top Rated 'Stellar' line up of the very best Temecula Wineries have to offer! Discover Temeculas finest wineries, in style, with a premium wine tour experience. Hosted by our Cartier Crew Staff. Available exclusively for your group of two to 15, you will travel in style.

Learn from the experts-who will guide you through a selection of premium wines, experiencing the nuances of wine varieties, the Temecula Wine Region and various wine making styles. Enjoy Award winning premier wines, estate wines and library wines.

Taste wines unavailable to the general public, have the opportunity to purchase wines at each of the Premier Wineries, and when possible, meet the winemaker! Go behind the scenes and learn what it takes to create wine with our exclusive 'From Vine to Glass Tour.' Each tour is unique and individualized. Whether you are a novice, enthusiast, or expert you are certain to experience a fantastic and memorable day in our wonderful Temecula Valley Wine Country.

Your Connoisseur Select Wine Tour includes Premium Tastings at three wineries. Our private winery tours are fantastic to get a little group of 6 to fifteen individuals and provide a much more intimate experience at the wineries.
A day of ‘pay as you go tasting’ at numerous well-known and respectable wineries is provided.

Your "Connoisseur Select Wine Tours" Includes:

•Sedan or Executive Vans with individual Captain Chairs (most vehicles)
•Friendly, helpful Wine Guide
•Bottled Water
•Three preselected Wineries that have acquired a distinctive reputation in the Wine Industry
•Pick up at any Temecula location at your requested time
•Drop off at your location at the conclusion of your wine tasting tour

$235 per person (Five Hours)

“Sip, Ride and Snack” Tour $78. PP Plus Gratuity

This package is for groups of 2-15 passengers
This Wine Tour is a group tour “Sip, Ride and Snack” Tour Loaded with fun, excitement and flavor!

What a perfect combination!

Your "Sip, Ride and Snack Wine Tour" Includes:

•Executive Vans with individual Captain Chairs (most vehicles)
•Friendly, helpful Wine Guide
•Each guest shall receive tastings at three pre-selected wineries
•Light lunch served Family Style
•Bottled Water
•Pick up at our Temecula location
•Drop off at our location at the conclusion of your wine tasting tour

$78 per person (Three and a half Hours)

Two tours available daily

You must call to book this tour-we do not take reservations online for this tour.
Based on Availability

Couple's Embrace Wine Tour

Tour for two guests only.
This tour is for two who are devoted to one another.
You will visit wineries of your choice and enjoy a romantic get-a-way among the vineyards.
You and your significant other will then enjoy an intimate Hand Crafted gourmet lunch, while experiencing breath taking views of the Temecula Valley Wine Country.
Wine tasting fees are not included in this tour. Wine tasting fees are estimated to be $60 per person.

Your "Couple's Embrace Wine Tour" includes:

•Lincoln Town Car
•Friendly, helpful Wine Guide
•Bottled Water
•Hand Crafted Gourmet Lunch-Choose one (each) of our Gourmet Sandwiches
•Wineries – Of your choice (tasting fees additional)
•Pick up at any Temecula location at your requested time
•Drop off at your location at the conclusion of your wine tasting tour

$235 per couple (Five Hours) plus gratuity

Ready too book it? Simply Click Here to make a reservation online

.....About Our Hand Crafted Gourmet Lunch

If included in your Wine tour, consists of A Gourmet Sandwich Platter-prepared especially for your party by a local chef-including;

Gourmet Chicken with Artichoke ~~Sliced Chicken Breast, Artichoke Hearts, Mozzarella, Onion, Aioli on a fresh baked roll.

Gourmet Cobb Sandwiches~~Grilled Chicken, smoked bacon, fresh avocado, bleu cheese crumbles on Sourdough.

Gourmet Turkey Pesto Avocado ~~Turkey, Avocado, Provolone, Mayo on a Savory Focaccia Bread.

Gourmet Turkey Chipotle ~~Turkey, Bacon, Pepper Jack on a fresh baked roll.

Gourmet Turkey Bacon Avocado ~~Turkey, Avocado, Bacon, Ranch on fresh baked Sourdough Roll.

Gourmet Italian ~~Salame, Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Pepperoncini, Aioli on a fresh baked Sourdough roll.

Gourmet All Meat ~~Roast Beef, Salame, Turkey, Ham, Provolone, Onion, Honey Mustard on freshly baked White Bread.

All served with a Specialty Salad. Your Gourmet lunch will be served at one of the many hidden-gem locations in the valley.
Our delicious Gourmet lunches are served “family style” allowing everyone to select and choose.
It is acceptable to buy a bottle or two of wine from the host winery to have with your lunch.
The costs of wine purchases are not included in the lunch menu. (please note, menu may change, due to availability)

We can make it Vegetarian for you!

Questions? We can help you!

Call Us At: (951) 304-0412
Reservations - (951) 304-0412
Temecula area - (951) 304-0412
San Diego County area - (760) 732-3175

Important Additional Info

*You must cancel 72 hours before your reservation time, or you will be charged.
*Gratuity additional
*Additional charge for pickup in San Diego or surrounding area. Call for a specific price quote. Plus Gratuity.
*Additional charge for outside of area. Time starts when you are picked up, and ends when you are dropped off.
*Request Additional Wine Tasting Tour time through reservations (951) 304-0412.
*Not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

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A Taste of what our customers are saying about our Wine Tasting Tours....

5 STAR Rating
"On Saturday, my daughter surprised me with a birthday gift of a car and chauffeur into the wine country of Temecula. Gene, the chauffeur and Temecula resident since the late 1970s, was fun, knew the history of Temecula and how the wineries came to be, recommended wines at each of four wineries and graciously made sure that we enjoyed ourselves as well as learned something of the region. I recommend his services to anyone who truly wants a great day, an easy pace at each winery and a truly lovely gentleman."
Christine F. Carlsbad, CA

5 Star Rating
"Gene was an outstanding tour guide for our group of friends. He was very knowledgeable about the area and wine history, shared many stories and information about the area not found in any tour guides. Gene also went out of his way to make sure the vegan's in our group had a gourmet like meal. He provided great info on the various wines, kept things moving without rushing, and assured we all had enough wine! Overall we were very pleased with our day in Temecula with Gene."
Glenda W. Round Rock TX

5.0 star rating
I made my reservation with Tom-he was very patient with me and my many questions...Then, Robert picked me up at the San Diego airport and squired me to the Temecula Hampton Inn in his very clean and comfortable car. It was all just as easy as Tom assured me it would be, to connect up with Robert at the airport exit area. Robert was courteous and eager to please, and was as conversational as I wanted, but did not make me feel I had to chat. What a terrific service! Barb O. Rochester, NY

5.0 star rating We did a ladies trip to Los Angeles to see a play. Our driver was MAC and he was super. We rented limos in the past but the drivers didn't compare to MAC. He was very gracious, even when traffic was horrific. He kept us informed of what was going on. Will definately use your service in the future and will request MAC for our driver. Every one had a great time.
Brenda K. Menifee, CA

5.0 star rating We reserved a limo to take us to LA to see a play. Mac was outstanding! He was prompt, found the best route so that we were able to arrive to the show on time, and he was there when we were ready to leave - no waiting. Having Mac as our driver was the best experience ever! We left all the thinking and concentration to him and just had a great time. It was simply delightful. We are already planning our next trip with Mac....can hardly wait!
Narda S. Temecula, CA

5.0 star rating Our Driver was Mac. We were a party of nine, mostly from the Red Hat Society going to see a play in downtown Los Angeles. We were excited and a very chatty group and Mac dealt with us comfortably. We were talking the whole time and every now and then, Mac would say a joke that was very funny to us. There was a lot of traffic, but we made it to the play in plenty of time. He was very polite and courteous. The service was excellent. I believe he deserves the five stars.
Rose J. Menifee, CA

5.0 star rating Updated review We enjoyed our first tour so much earlier in the week, we decided to book another tour with the same tour guide, Gene. Not only did he pick great wineries, but there is clearly a strategy for which wineries you pick and when, based on the day of the week. Saturdays are very busy days for the wineries, but Gene timed everything perfectly, so we were able to avoid most of the big crowds. We can't wait to return to Temecula & book another tour with Executive VIP & Gene. Thank you, Michelle & Gene, for making our experience in Temecula so memorable!!!
Kathy W. Temecula, CA

5.0 star rating 3/13/2016 Updated review
"We enjoyed our first tour so much earlier in the week, we decided to book another tour with the same tour guide, Gene. Not only did he pick great wineries, but there is clearly a strategy for which wineries you pick and when, based on the day of the week. Saturdays are very busy days for the wineries, but Gene timed everything perfectly, so we were able to avoid most of the big crowds. We can't wait to return to Temecula & book another tour with Executive VIP & Gene. Thank you, Michelle & Gene, for making our experience in Temecula so memorable!!!"
Kathy W. Temecula, CA

"We are thrilled that we happened upon your company through Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association! In the past, we have been on several wine tours-some ending with a lack luster result. When we called your company, it was explained to us that we have several options! Music to my ears! We had some things in mind, and your company offered the perfect solution. We selected the Luxury Limousine Wine Tasting Tour. Great option for us. The limousine seating was perfect for our social situation. We wanted to be able to converse with our guests facing each other. Also, the fact that everything was organized by your company and set up-again music to my ears! Finally on the day of the tour, the limousine arrived-perfect! We all enjoyed a great time of wine tasting and socializing with our guests! I might add, the wineries were an excellent selection. The amazing lunch was tasty too. Your prices were the least expensive and offered the most. Again, I am thrilled that I happened upon your great company!"
Leah and Bill Temecula, CA.

"We are very knowledgeable about wine and were looking for a more sophisticated tour. We came upon your Connoisseur Select Wine Tours that you offer and it was exactly what we had in mind. Our driver was supreme. (If you can book with Gene-do it!) We visited some great wineries, had some fantastic wine and purchased four cases to take home. What a find! I will be booking with this company the next time, and I will be going with the Connoisseur Select Wine Tour! Fun and affordable! Thanks for the fantastic service!"
Alexa R. Murrieta, CA.

"A great big heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone at Executive VIP Transportation! My Mom was celebrating her 78th Birthday and her bucket list included a Wine Tasting Tour. I was eager to make that happen, although I know little, if anything about wine. I called several places. It amazed me how little help and knowledge was out there. I happened upon your company. So helpful. I spoke the Michelle and she gave me some great ideas and helped me to plan the absolute perfect day for my Mom! An update on the tour itself. My Mom, and all of her family really had a great time. The pace was perfect. The service-which was right near the front entrance, worked perfect for my Dad-who walks with a cane. The wine knowledge that I personally learned from your company and the wineries, actually inspired me to learn more. Your customer service, professional staff and comfortable Van was perfect for a special lady. I might add that the price was fair too! Thank you!"
Susan V. Riverside, CA.

"Five Star Review!"
It was my 21st birthday and I took a surprise tour with my family of seven. Gene was a great tour guide since I knew very little about wine. Every question I asked he knew the answer. He was very caring and so nice!!! Loved the tour experience we had with him!!
Bekka Temecula, CA.

"Over the years, I have been wine tasting many times. Having never visited Temecula, I wanted a knowledgeable company, who would direct me to some great wineries. I quickly realized that Michelle is very knowledgeable and helpful. She arranged to have her best driver on board. He was indeed, the best. He quickly made our group feel right at home. Taking time with all of us to find out what we liked. Gene and Michelle, you put together a great tour. Wine tasting in Temecula was a great experience for our group!"
Tori K. Santa Rosa, CA.

"After graduating from College, my career required that I take clients out to dinner. I quickly realized that I really needed to refine the art of wine. What better way then to go on a wine tasting tour. I selected this company because I was looking for an experience-not just wine tasting, I needed the education too. This company spent time with me, discussing options and selecting the perfect wine tasting tour to fit my needs. (many companies do not offer the possibilities that this company does) From the initial phone call, to the limo arriving to pick up our small group. Everyone was very helpful. The wineries selected were a great mix. I learned so much about wine, the process, the finer details. You see, I am going to be able to open a dialogue, just on wine, to launch into the sales platform I need to showcase my own line. I could not be happier that I chose the right company to contribute to my success. Now, the next wine tour will be all about having a good time. I have booked one with you in five mos. Great find!"
Alissa P. Moreno Valley, CA.

"After attending numerous bachelorette bridal parties, it came time for mine!! I was not into the typical bachelorette party. I wanted something that was sophisticated, memorable-for the right reasons, and affordable for all. I was concerned that wine tasting would be too expensive. While researching options, your company came up. Affordable-check, offered what I had in mind? Check, took care of all of the planning? Check. I ran it by all of my friends and we booked it. So glad we did. We had an amazing day and I really appreciate you posting the pictures on your yelp page! Cheers!
Brittany R. Winchester, CA.

"I wanted to reach out to you Michele, and let you know what a terrific time we had on our recent Bachelorette Party Wine Tasting Tour. You put it all together, assembled the finest Chauffeur, Gene, and made our day amazing. Gene loves his job, and it shows. We enjoyed every winery, and the day was more then what we could have asked for. You guys are the place to book with. I will be a repeat customer!"
Kelly K. Solana Beach, CA.

"We were looking for a romantic get a way week end for my wife and I. After visiting your web site, I happened upon the Couples Embrace wine tour. Your company set up everything, the wineries we visited, the route for the tour, the gourmet lunch served at the winery and the ambiance could not have been better. It truly was a romantic wine country escape. My wife has a smile on her face every time we talk about our day. I appreciate you listening and putting together the best experience for both of us!"
Larry N. San Marcos, CA.

"Gene, I can't thank you enough for making my birthday winery tour so awesome! My girlfriend booked through you guys and we were impressed from the get go! Truly and awesome chauffer and wine expert! Thanks Gene! Can't wait till next time!" Jeremy F. Los Angeles, CA

"We had an amazing time on the sip and see wine tour! Gene was our driver and he went above and beyond to make our tour so much fun! He was full of energy and knowledgeable about all the wineries which helped us choose what wines we wanted to taste! He always made sure we had everything we needed! Thanks Gene, we had an amazing time!" Rebecca C. Baton Rouge, LA

"Your company has actually introduced our family to the love of wine! Many years ago, we had out of town guests, who wanted to go to Temecula Wine Country. We arranged a wine tour with your company-and that started a phenomenon! We enjoyed it so much, we booked a wine tour for my husband and myself. After that, we arranged for a bachelorette party for my daughter and her friends. A few wine tours later, and we are still learning more, with each tour we book. Each and everyone of our drivers has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We look forward to friends and relatives visiting, so we can go on a wine tour. It turns out to be the highlight of their trip. Thanks to all of your amazing drivers for making this so enjoyable for us! Barb K. Murrieta, CA

"We had been on the DePortola wine trail by ourselves, and wanted some expertise from a top rated wine tour company. I happened upon your web site, and soon realized that your company was exactly what we had in mind. Our Luxury Limo Tour was phenomenal. I can see why this company was voted yelps top wine tours for this area. I will be returning for another tour soon." Lacie and Rob L. Murrieta, CA.

"We all really enjoyed our girls day out, wine tasting in Temecula. We all agreed, this was one of the most Superior wine tours of all. The driver really added to our day. Bob we personally want to thank you for making our day special." Tracy L. Temecula, CA.

"This experience was perfect from the prompt call that was returned after I left a message inquiring about the services, to the end after closely stumbling out of the limo after the wine tastings. Michele set up an extremely romantic date for me with less than 24 hours advance notice. She told me that Gene would be our driver and would know exactly where to take us after describing to her our knowledge, or lack there of, for wine. The limo was spotless and shiny and there was bottled water and a bottle of Almond Champagne waiting for us. What a treat! We had permanent smiles while Gene drove us to the first out of four wineries we went to. Gene always dropped us off in front and walked us into the winery to introduce us and get us acquainted with someone to help. He would then park the limo and return to assist in our "wine education". At some of the wineries Gene even had us sit at a table while he grabbed our tasters for us! My favorite part about the date was when we walked out from a tasting to a beautiful picnic with delicious sandwiches, water (which we needed!) and even deserts. (Gourmet bundt cakes!) We were nothing short of impressed. All in all, this experience has been THE BEST I have had in Temecula and I will absolutely, positively use them again. Maybe I should make reservations with them for all of my first dates? ;) Thanks Gene and Michele, you guys are AWESOME!

Jessica-Encinitas, CA

Good afternoon! My name is Jessica E. and yesterday, my best friends all got together and organized a wine tasting tour to celebrate my 30th birthday (or the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday if you ask me!).. They found your company on the website for the Temecula Wine Association. I wanted to send you my praises...we could not have had a more fantastic experience. First, when my sister called to book, there were no vans available, so we were upgraded to a limo at no additional charge. Second, when our driver, Gene, showed up to pick us up, he was unbelievably friendly and informative. As he took us around to the 4 different wineries, he had all sorts of information and recommendations based on what we said we liked in a wine. The gourmet lunch consisted of fantastic sandwiches and a delicious pasta salad...Gene also brought us mini Nothing Bundt Cakes as a gift for my birthday! At our last stop, we sipped on a delicious dessert wine, on Gene's recommendation. He told us how well this particular wine paired with dark chocolate, which sounded amazing at this point of our he popped inside and bought us some chocolate to try! Our group collectively agrees that this is an experience we will repeat, and certainly with Gene as our tour guide again! That said, thank you (especially Gene) for a truly amazing helped create a birthday memory that neither myself or my friends will ever forget!! With much appreciation,

Jessica E. along with Victoria, Angie, Lisa, Veronica, Katie, Michelle, and Mary.

We came to Temecula for my sister's bachelorette party. Instead of going on the pre-fixed wine tours we opted for a private 4-hour shuttle because 1) it would take us wherever we wanted 2) we could spend as little or as much time as we wanted and 3) none of us had to drive! Our driver Greg picked us up in the van at our hotel. He was super nice and gave us some info about wine country and tips on the best places to go around town. The girls and I had the most amazing time and Greg helped to make our wine tasting experience even better. It was absolutely worth every penny to hire the shuttle and highly recommend it to everyone! Don't forget to ask for Greg too!"

Jenn L. San Gabriel, CA

"Outstanding Service! By far one of the best wine tasting experiences I've had and one of the main reasons was that our driving service was superb. I hired exec shuttle to cart me and 9 of my closest friends around Temecula to celebrate my 30th birthday. Gene our driver made my day even that much better. 1. The $325 dollars we paid for 5 hours was the most reasonable (shuttle accommodates 10-12 ppl), who needs a limo when you get your very own captains chair! 2. Our driver Gene called each of the wineries I had on my list and made reservations for our group. He then called me a couple of days before to let me know and confirm the time we should meet him in the lobby of the hotel. Peace of mind! 3. Gene picked us up on time and, had a cooler filled with ice ready for us to use. ***Tip, definitely bring snackies on the shuttle. Trust me you will need something to help with all that wine.**** He took our pix, kept us on track all day, and followed us around to make sure were all back on that bus. 4. There were so many other small acts of kindness made by Gene that made the day amazing. Everyone had the best time and could not have asked for a better driver or experience. We were able to get to 5 wineries in 5 hours and by the end of it we were definitely feeling good. So, with that said... I highly recommend Executive VIP Limo especially if you are looking for a good time and peace of mind!

Kari R. Costa Mesa, CA

I did a great deal of research when looking for various wine tasting tour packages in Temecula. Your company came up several times. I called many companies and when I talked to your company, the lady was very helpful. She went over the various wine tasting tour packages in Temecula. She asked many questions and I selected the Going Gourmet for a party of 15. We were not disappointed. The tour was very informative and we had a blast. The driver, Jim, was amazing-he was a real pro. He knew the area, knew wine and kept us laughing the entire time. One of my friends is planning a bachelorette wine tasting tour soon, and I am going to insist that she call your company! So the next time anyone wants info on wine tasting tour packages in Temecula, I will suggest you guys. Cheers!!

Jaycee O. Costa Mesa, CA.

"Thank you for the greatest Bachelorette wine tasting tour in Temecula. It will be a memory I will keep forever. Out of all the wine tasting tours I have been included in, this was the best bachelorete wine tasting tours by far! I will be back to book a wine tour again when the occasion arises." Amanda T. Los Angeles, CA

You created the perfect Temecula Wine Tour getaway for my wife and I. Romantic, scenic and tastefully done. The Wine tour package was perfection! I was searching for an experience, and your company made it memorable from start to finish. Thank you for an amazing time wine tasting. Look forward to doing this again real soon for another amazing wine-tours.

Rich and Gabriella T. Ontario, CA

I am the Corporate Events Planner for my company, and I am continually in search of unusual events, entertaining ideas and enjoyable things to do in Southern California-when Executives come to town. In early spring, I happened across Temecula wine tasting tours. I phoned many companies and decided to give Executive VIP Transportation and Wine Tours a try. Well, I am pleased to say that I am planning my seventh wine tour with this wonderful company. After the first experience, I realized they are superior to any thing else we have planned. In my opinion, they are the top rated wine tour company, hands down. Michele, who has been the go to lady for me, makes my job easy. She asks specific questions, what the purpose of the tour is etc, and takes it from there. The drivers, Greg, James, Gene, Jim, and Rick have all taken such great care of our groups. We have enjoyed James and Gene twice! They cater to our every need-and I can actually sit back and relax-enjoying wine country myself. Top rated wine tour companies are hard to find and I have found a keeper. I cannot sign off with out mentioning the fine details that go into their planning. The winery selections, based on preferences, the choice of wines suggested, the comfortable vehicles arriving on time and always clean and presentable, the amazing gourmet lunch, served right when we need it. I cannot express enough just how pleased I am that I found this company for our Corporate Wine Tours. I look like a superstar because of their efforts. Thanks Executive VIP Transportation for making our Corporate Wine tours so amazing...and a special shout out to all of the amazing drivers too!

Susan B. Irvine, CA

THANK YOU! "I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how very impressed we were with Executive VIP Wine Tours this past weekend. Gene was amazing and made the experience that much more enjoyable. We had an amazing time, enjoyed the wine and the information that Gene imparted upon us. I would and will highly recommend Executive VIP to friends and family a we will certainly employ your services again. There were six of us – 2 from Atlanta, 2 from Iowa and we are from Orange County and it was well worth every penny and then some. Thank you again for an amazing experience and please let Gene know how impressed we were."

Tiffany N.-Orange County, CA

I asked many experts who to contact for wine-tours in Temecula. Three companies came up-and I called them all. Yours was the one I selected for the week end event. Our Wine-tours experience with your company was great! The driver was so helpful, informative and patient. He explained the finer things of wine tasting tours and answered all of our questions. He made us laugh and all in all, we have a great day. Our party will suggest Executive VIP Tours from now on if anyone is looking for wine-tours in Riverside. Very enjoyable. Thanks!

Tony J. Hemet, CA.

"While visiting California, we decided that one of the things we wanted to do, was to take a wine tour. My sister and I are wine enthusiasts, so we really took our research seriously when looking for the proper tour guide. A friend of ours recommended Executive VIP Shuttle, and after a little research we decided to give them a try. We couldn't be happier with our choice. We were taken on one of the most amazing tours, we were able to try the most delicious wines, and we even got a really great gourmet lunch! If you are looking for a good time, and you like wine, then look no further. I highly recommend Executive VIP."

Alexandra - St. Petersburg, FL

"My girlfriends and I went to Temecula for our annual wine tasting vacation. One of our friends had suggested we try out Executive VIP, they guaranteed that we would have the time of our lives. They were right! We ended up choosing their luxury limo tour, and we had a blast seeing all of the wineries, and tasting all of the different wines. Our tour guide was amazing, he had us laughing and interested the entire time. The gourmet lunch was absolutely superb, and the complimentary bottle of champagne was a wonderful touch. All in all, we had a blast, and I would HIGHLY recommend everyone who is in to wines, to go with the luxury limo tour at Executive VIP. Thank you guys for giving us some great memories!"

Cassie L. San Francisco, CA.

"It is not often that I write a review-but I wanted to let you know how amazing our Bachelorette Wine Tasting Tour was. Over the years, I have planned many Bachelorette Wine Tasting tours, among other festivities. Unfortunately, we did not know about your company or I would have called and arranged a Bachelorette Wine tour in Temecula with you! This occasion was for my bridal party, and my Maid of Honor knew how much I enjoyed wine. She wanted to keep my bachelorette party a complete surprise. When the Executive Van arrived for my Bachelorette wine tasting tours, I had no idea what everyone was up to. The van was clean and roomy and the seats were very comfortable. The 15 of us got into the vehicle, and our driver announced our first winery for our bachelorette wine tour. We visited Wilson Creek, and then enjoyed a wonderful gourmet lunch with a few bottles of wine that we had purchased. Our bachelorette wine tasting tour continued on to three additional wineries. Our driver had us in stitches the entire time. He made sure we were comfortable, had our tastings on track and kept us on a perfect schedule for our entire bachelorette wine tasting tour. He took pictures of our crazy group and, as the main person in the bridal party, really made me feel special. Out of all of the bachelorette wine tasting tour parties I have planned, attended or heard of, this one tops them all. My bachelorette wine tasting party was over the top and it was primarily because of our experience with your great company. I have booked my relatives and visiting friends to be picked up at the airport by you too. The airport transportation you provide has eased my mind-as I will be very busy getting ready for the wedding day! We have one more bridal event - wedding - coming up and we will be calling you to take us on a bachelorette wine tasting tour for her too! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and really appreciate everything you have done, or will do to make perfect memories for me!

Amber S. Lake Elsinore, CA

"I'm surprised that I'm one of the first reviews b/c I had an excellent experience with this car service for my recent trip to Temecula. My boyfriend and I planned a day of wine tasting and we arranged for car service (sedan) for 4 hours. Although the wineries are all fairly close, it's not a realistic option to walk/bike or even cab to them. The only options are to find a DD (um, none of us were going to volunteer for that), risk driving (no thank you) or find a car service or tour. Trust me, I researched ALL options for car service and tours and they offered the best services and rates. Most of the tours only visit four wineries within 5 - 6 hours. The rest of the time is spent picking/dropping off people at hotels and a picnic lunch. We wanted to be able to visit the winieries we wanted to see and do so according to our schedule. The tours tended to be about $109 - 145 a person which seemed expensive for all of four stops. I then researched car services which were more like $300 or more which was cost prohibitive. Thankfully I kept researching and found this company which charged $185 (+ 2o% tip) for four hours for private sedan service. It allowed for the perfect day bc we could plan as we wanted and we could still afford it. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed our driver, who was incredibly personable and professional and able to offer us a lot of local advice on the wineries. I plan to use them for all future visits. . I highly reccomend them! I've been to temecula numerous times and this was my best trip bc we could enjoy the freedom and flexibility of car service and not worry about excessive costs. I truly think the tours arent a good value bc so much time is wasted picking up/dropping off people and although they include wine tastings, it's still an upmark. And many of the winieries have 2 for 1 coupons (esp on weekdays)."

Meg g. Los Angeles, CA

"We recently hired Executive VIP for a graduation celebration for my daughter. Twelve of us, friends and family, were on hand. Our driver Gene called several days before to find out our preferences for wineries and had great advice on one we hadn't heard of. He made arrangements at all of the wineries since we were a large group. Our reservation was for 12:00. Gene showed up at 11:45. I had packed a picnic which he promptly loaded in the van along with the cooler he had brought full of bottled water. At each of the wineries, he assisted us with the tastings, going to the bar himself for our next selection, and keeping us on schedule. Incredible! The winery he had suggested is where we had our picnic. We went inside to purchase our tastings and when we came out Gene had all the food, plates,etc. already laid out and ready for us. We had a WONDERFUL day, and would highly recommend this company (and especially our driver) over and over again"

Karen L. Fallbrook, CA

"My bridal party organized and planned a bachelorette wine tasting tour in Temecula. Having done this type of planning before, I knew how much time and effort was involved. My Maid of Honor informed me that she had called several wine tasting tours companies, while planning the bachelorette wine tours. She was tireless in making call after call, finding out information about bachelorette wine tasting tours, limousine wine tours and Temecula Valley wine tasting packages being offered. We also had several ladies that were on a budget, so we were in search of affordable wine tours in temecula too. The Maid of Honor wanted to make mine memorable for my special day. On the day she spoke with Michele at Executive VIP Tours, she hung up and promptly called me! ‘I found the perfect place for your bachelorette wine tasting tours! “ She was so elated, she could hardly contain herself. The day of the tour, the limousine pulled up and our driver Greg arrived all decked out in a suit! He was professional and friendly, opening the doors for us, and started the day off asking us what types of wine we enjoyed. We all said something different! He told us we would have a wonderful Bachelorette wine tasting tour and he was correct. We enjoyed many wines, some award winning and some that should be! Bottom line, the day was amazing. My bridesmaids compared their previous Temecula Limo Wine Tour experiences with our newly found Executive VIP Tours. This company was by far, the absolute best ever! We were thrilled that we selected this company as our Temecula limo wine tours guide for the day! Many thanks to your professional staff!! You made my bachelorette wine tasting tours of Temecula the best! Juanita and the entire Temecula wine tasting crew!"

Juanita-Corona, CA

"We were all thrilled when the team lead at our company mentioned a corporate wine tour for our incentive award. We worked hard to obtain the goal. Upon discussing various companies who provide tours, the one thing that everyone wanted to avoid was a group tour. Not enough freedom for our group of 15. We found Executive VIP Wine Tours and called them, among many many others. I explained to the woman that we were doing a corporate wine tour for our groups reward-she was extremely helpful and informed me of our options. I really appreciated the way that she offered to plan everything-once we decided on the tour. We selected the going gourmet tour, which was one of the temecula wine tasting packages they offered. The day of the tour, the driver arrived in the company van. Very comfy for all of us. We visited four wineries, had so much wine, we were feeling tipsy towards the end, and enjoyed a magnificent lunch, served at the second winery. We purchased quite a few bottles (cases actually) to take home. Out of all of the wine tasting packages in temecula, we were so pleased that we selected this company. It can be overwhelming when booking any wine tasting packages in temecula. We went with our gut, and were glad we did. We would highly suggest you guys and look forward to planning another tour with your temecula wine packages in mind! Thank you!"

Carla and the entire Corporate Wine tour group! Riverside

Your company went above and beyond for my big 50! I had never been to Temecula in a Limo for wine tasting. Your staff was very patient and explained all of my options. I selected the Temecula Limos wine tours package, not sure if I got the name correct, but we selected the right company! Your limo wine tasting tour was amazing. Turning 50, hiring a limo and going wine tasting is the only way to go! We will call you guys again to arrange our next limousine wine tour. We are going to make it happen more often. So thank you thank you for the wonderful wine tour in the beautiful limousine. I will suggest the Temecula Limos Wine Tours Package to anyone who asks!

Char and Tom-Winchester

"My parents visited from out of town. I wanted to do something extraordinary for them, while they were here. I discovered Wine Tasting Tours and thought that may be a hit. I called a few places and then called Executive VIP. The woman who answered the phone was so helpful. She gave me great ideas to make our wine tasting experience fantastic. I had never been and she reassured me that Executive VIP would take care of us. Our driver was absolutely wonderful. He arrived in the limo early-and explained things about our tour that were helpful. He had a great, helpful personality, which is just what we needed. We chose the Luxury Limo Tour-great choice by the way. At the second winery, he had our table all set up, with our delicious gourmet lunch. What a treat! The wineries we went to were very good. Our driver-wine guide made our day very special. I am so happy that I chose this company. I am getting married next year, and they are handling all of the transportation for me. I appreciate the helpful and professional staff."

Randi S. Irvine CA.

The best wine tasting tour packages Temecula has to offer! I have enjoyed many wine tours-Executive VIP has this wrapped up! I have you on speed dial for all of my corporate wine tour packages that I need to book. You take perfect care of my Corporate Clients. Thank you for helping increase my business!

Ashley W. Los Angeles CA

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