A Word From Avensole Winery!

Situated along the scenic Rancho California Road ridgeline, Avensole Winery’s sprawling vineyard estate has been producing some of Temecula’s finest grapes for more than four decades. Avensole is now using these grapes to craft some of Temecula’s best wines. We are committed to continuing this tradition of crafting premium wines and offering distinctive fare in our restaurant. We hope you have experienced and enjoyed some of our wine and fare and that you will return soon to discover even more. Our Wine Temecula’s climate is one of sunny days, evenings cooled by breezes and moisture from the Pacific Ocean only a few miles away. This microclimate is perfect for producing the rich, flavorful grapes that allow Avensole Winery to make the fine varietals and unique blends that can be found in the Avensole tasting room. Avensole wines are made in a New World California style with a focus on Zinfandel which is used to craft some of our favorite proprietary blends. Avensole Winery